Feminism for Dummies

Feminism for Dummies

“Feminism is cancer”

“I hate feminists…. more like femiNAZIS, am I right? har har har”

“I am NOT a feminist; I support EVERYONE EQUALLY”

“I am a Meninist; screw Feminists!”

HELLO! Have you or any of your friends ever said the above phrases out loud at any point in your life?

Well then, I hate to break it to you, but you are one STUPID, IGNORANT, and an UNEDUCATED human being.

Why? Because you just happened to compare a group of people trying to better lives to a group of people who perpetrated ethnic cleansing. Kudos on that buddy!

The meaning behind the words “Feminism” and “Feminist” has been twisted and mainly equated to male-bashing and male-hating, which is quite a distorted view since it is the exact OPPOSITE of that.

Not to worry my ignorant friend, for I am here to give you a quick and easy guide on what is and isn’t feminism and what we feminists actually do when we’re not sucking the life force out of every man we meet.

I can already see you flinching and cringing away from the truth.

If you’re a confused soul who is searching for the truth about feminism, or if you are someone looking to change your ways and perspective, or you are a socially aware intellect who needs to educate the masses on what feminism really is, this is the post for you.

Sit down and listen to what makes up the multifaceted concept that is Feminism:

Fighting for equal rights for both the sexes in all aspects of life. It’s that simple, we just want equality = Feminism

Women > Men. Women > Men. Women > Men. Oh, and did I forget that Women > Men = NOT Feminism

Supporting and fighting for ALL women of colour from different parts of the world = Feminism

Only fighting for the women in your country while ignoring women of colour = NOT Feminism

Supporting ALL women, lesbians, non-binary, trans, etc., = Feminism

Not supporting women just because they don’t possess a vagina = NOT Feminism

Showing solidarity for housewives, sex-workers, porn-stars, strippers, etc., = Feminism

Calling out and slut-shaming housewives, sex-workers, porn-stars, strippers, etc., = NOT Feminism

Realizing men are also victims of rape, abuse, assault and providing a safe space for them = Feminism

Possessing the idea that men don’t get raped, abused, assaulted = NOT Feminism

Normalize men showing emotions, crying, and expose masculinity as a toxic concept = Feminism

Grow a pair and quit crying = NOT Feminism

Empowering each and every woman and helping them unlearn years of internalized misogyny = Feminism

Pitting women against each other and bringing women down = NOT Feminism

Leaving women to do what they want for themselves = Feminism

Regulating guidelines on how women should act, dress, and basically exist because “that’s how a woman should be” = NOT Feminism

NOW do you get what FEMINISM REALLY IS? Do you see the difference between WHAT YOU THOUGHT IT WAS versus WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS?

To the “Meninists”: Does your anti-feminism movement help your own “bros” with safe spaces and counselling? Does it even bother to validate the fact that MEN are victims of trauma too? NO, that’s because you’re too busy cracking open a cold one with your boys while calling all Feminists lesbians and ugly lays and slut-shaming them. Good work on that one, really.

To the “I am not a Feminist” women: Either you’ve been brainwashed by someone with the wrong concepts of feminism or you need help vomiting out all that internalized misogyny. But I really hope you open your eyes to the reality and have some sense knocked into you

To everyone else: If you’re not a feminist yet, what are you, really?

Now I’ve covered only a small portion, the basics of Feminism in this post. There’s more, of course, it is ever evolving, ever changing, growing day by day into something much bigger. If you have more to add, I’d love to hear them!

And if people are still being ignorant, take a printout of the image at the beginning of this post and hang it up right in front of their beds so it’s the first thing they see when they wake up every morning. What better way to start a day, eh?

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