Your Body

Your Body


“Your body is a temple”, they all say.

But what they don’t say is that our body is a temple which is continuously broken, damaged, hurt, torn, splintered, shattered, ruptured, all for the sake of an illusion- to erect a shiny, flawless, and a perfectly structured temple.

Our bodies are put under scrutiny by the society, by the media, and also by something undeniable worse- people.

Every tiny little imperfection that you didn’t even know you had gets magnified ten times, poked at, laughed at, and made fun of. Parts which you thought were normal suddenly aren’t normal anymore. Things you didn’t notice before become blatantly obvious, and you wonder how long you’ve been, and stayed, blind.

Before you know it, you change the way you look at your body.

You’re uncomfortable and angry at yourself when you should be angry at the people who changed your whole view. Nothing ever looks good, everything is ugly. You enter a place so dark and so full of hatred that you start thinking if you’ll ever escape.

So you start lashing out at your body. You go to great lengths to tear it down to rubble, pick up the pieces, only to tear those pieces down again. Nothing ever tastes good anymore, nothing ever looks good enough. You need to keep breaking because only then will you feel satisfied, like you accomplished something.

Something inside you snaps, breaks apart and you crumble. You start thinking thoughts that you’ve never considered, far too gone to ever consider coming back. You wake up every single day only to battle with yourself without knowing the reason as to why you’d put yourself down like this. You feel at fault even though you know it’s not. You feel guilt consume you and yet you can’t stop the destruction you do to your body. You realize you’re destroying your best friend and all you feel is a void inside.

And then one day, something weird happens that changes the way you look at yourself. An instant where you snap around and begin to actually look at yourself.

You start listening to your body.

And when you start to listen, that cloudy vision starts to disappear. You begin to heal.

The healing makes you feel confused but then again, you feel peaceful too. Some of us stop destroying our bodies altogether and begin to build it back the way it was, while some of us continue to chip away more gently this time to build something stronger. Our anger and hatred has turned into something positive and helpful. Our ravaged bodies are seeing love for the first time in a long time. Our fingers run over our scars that adorn the very body that we used to hate with so much love that we decide to do whatever it takes to make our bodies happy.

Some people are lucky enough to get through this journey quickly without so much as a bruise, while for some it takes their whole being to survive this journey without coming out unscathed. But every single one of us has taken at least a few steps down this road knowingly and unknowingly, and that’s an undeniable fact.

Whether you decide to change your body or not is completely up to you, but don’t forget to cherish it- your body has gone through so much and yet it still stands up for you, ready to face whatever you’ve got.

To those who are in that safe place with your body- I hope you stay there happily but a reminder to not disregard those who have yet to reach it

To those who are on their way- I applaud your courage and please, keep going

And to those who have yet to start and are still stuck- I hope that one day, you begin to realize that your worth and you start your journey with faith

Listen to your body, accept your body, be kind to your body.

Love your body.

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