The ‘Parents Worst Nightmare’ Look!

The ‘Parents Worst Nightmare’ Look!


Hey guys! Your favourite fashion-blogger, WBG, is here with a brand new segment called “Get The Look”! Through intense research and experience, I give you some of the most outstanding fashion inspo from all across the globe. Let’s just say these looks are RELATABLE! Let’s get into the very first feature, shall we?

What are parents afraid of?

An F? Sure. Failed expectations? Even better! But what they’re really afraid of is you sitting at home doing, gasp, NOTHING. That’s right, your folks utter tiny screams of terror when they look at you in your laziest, unkempt, un-showered, and unmotivated state.

Halloween may be over, but that shouldn’t stop you from scaring the living daylights out of your folks at home!

And how do you get this look of abject terror? Well, read on more to find out how to achieve the ‘Parents Worst Nightmare’ look!

1. Sweatshirt/Hoodie/Sweater

Nothing says “ah screw it” than wearing your favourite hoodie the first thing in the morning.

For authenticity, it’s better to wear it the previous night, so you get the natural ‘wrinkled and slept-in’ look.

What makes sweatshirts amazing is that they’re seasonal- be it summer, winter, fall, you can don a sweatshirt any time of the year!

I suggest you get one size bigger than your actual size to complete the overall “I’m honestly contemplating taking a shower today” look.

Big points if there’s a stain on it, but we only need to scare our folks for a while, not a for a lifetime.

Try switching up the colours, something bright like yellow or orange if you’re planning on stepping out, but I say stay with dark colours to maintain the aesthetic.

What I’m wearing: Puma





2. Shorts (optional) 

Any shorts will do. Just dig into your pile of laundry that you’ve got stacked up in your room and pull out whatever shorts comes out first. In fact, go on an adventure into your closet because trust me when I say that you’ll find clothes you never even knew you had before.

In fact, shorts are optional. Just don’t wear anything underneath other than your underwear, your sweatshirt’s big enough to provide you the warmth and comfort that a pair of pyjamas can provide.

But if you’re a brown girl and have people home, I suggest you wear pants because brown relatives seeing you in booty shorts rank second in the list of “Bad girl things”, with ‘unmarried-at-24’ being the first.

What I’m wearing: I have no clue where these shorts came from


3. Flip-Flops 

If you take the time to look under your bed, there’s a 75% chance that you’ll find yourselves a new pair of old flip-flops that you probably used to own years back and which went missing!

Go try it out now, you’ll be surprised!

Another great benefit from wearing flip-flops all day is that you’ll have a weapon on-hand (or foot) when you’ve got to squash out a bug or maybe smack your younger siblings with when they decide to throw some attitude your way.

What I’m wearing: My grandmom’s orthopaedic flip-flops. Don’t underestimate the comfort level.



4. Hair and accessories  

Pull your hair up into a loose bun, lie back down, twist and turn at least ten times to get the “I just got out of bed” hairdo. Use a hairspray to keep this look throughout the day.

Throw out your lenses, bring out your glasses. Bring out your braces/retainers too.

Go big or go home, am I right?

What I’m wearing: Hair: naturally messy top-knot because I’m blessed with a naturally messy hair

Glasses: Ray Ban- its not like I have a choice




Put the four items together and create an ensemble your folks will never forget! Jokes aside, it’s the perfect attire to lounge around your house in, do some me-time, go junk-food shopping in.

Try them out, and let me know how it goes!
Stay classy,

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