BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: Pallavi Juneja, ‘The Curious Jalebi’

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: Pallavi Juneja, ‘The Curious Jalebi’


Just like any other girl who is blessed with curly hair, I make it a point to check up on curly hair gurus on social media every weekend, to learn more about my curls, about new products, and also to leave the same comment under all their pictures and videos, which is “#hairgoals”.

One such weekend, my stars were aligned perfectly (which is rare), and as luck would have it, or rather as much luck Instagram needs for its algorithm to work seamlessly, I chanced upon The Curious Jalebi. It was love at first sight! – with her hair! Imagine the joy I felt at finding someone who actually knew about Indian curly hair care. Without wasting a second, I followed her and have been sliding into her DMs ever since. Pallavi, the woman behind TCJ, being ever so patient, always replied back to queries regarding curly hair care and routines, despite her busy schedule.

This 24-year-old half-Malayali half-Punjabi (a sexy combination, without a doubt!) works in Social Media Marketing at EazyDiner, in New Delhi, by day and is a curly-haired superwoman by night! Juggling her work and her TCJ duties may sound stressful, but that hasn’t stopped her from helping us decide what to use, and how to use it, while coming to our rescue when it’s about a good protein mask, and also putting out YouTube tutorials and product reviews on her blog.

Thanks to my innumerable DM-slides, she’s now used to seeing my name pop up, and while that may sound creepy, it’s gotten me a chance to feature her on the very first segment of Beautiful People!

Let’s meet Pallavi-

When and how did you stop hating and start falling in love with your curls?

When I chanced upon a video by The Girl With Curves one summer in college and she said that she doesn’t comb her curls dry. She also mentioned that she gets a hair spa done every month. I immediately got a basic hair spa done- my curls transformed because they had never been conditioned like that in their lives! That’s when I knew that there was truth to her words and set out to find more information like this online. I researched, got products and my curls became healthy, shiny and bouncy. I started loving my hair & began to receive compliments from my friends and peers instead of the usual teasing remarks. It was quite an Aha! moment.

What was the main incentive behind The Curious Jalebi?

To reach out to girls in India who had curly hair yet didn’t know what to do with them except apply oil & comb them dry (like every other Indian girl has grown up hearing). Years ago when I would type on Google, ‘Indian Curly Hair’ it would show me links of wigs and weaves made by ‘virgin’ Indian hair. That was the only identity Indian curly hair had for a long time & I wanted to change that.

The inspiration behind the name “The Curious Jalebi”?

I am a terribly curious person – I want to learn everything I can get my hands on. I switched from The Curious Peach to The Curious Jalebi because of the squiggly, curly nature of one of my favorite Indian desserts!

How long does it take for you to review products and give them the green signal?

At least a month or two for seemingly good products? For ones that don’t delight me at all by the first two tries, i review them as such right after and never use them again.

What are your top products or favourites that you always use?

Currently – Innis Free Camellia Essential Conditioner, The Bodyshop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter, As I Am Leave in Conditioner, Miss Jessie Leave in Condish, Cantu Curl Activator and Ecostyler Gel.

How do you feel when you watch your readers transition and fall in love with their natural curls? 

All the effort I put in every day, coming back after work, compromising on sleep and time to put out a post or reply to questions – everything is justified when I find that someone is finally loving their hair & can’t wait to continue wearing it that way instead of using a blow dryer or straightener. I’ve hated my hair throughout my childhood and have been bullied for it so knowing that someone doesn’t need to go through stuff like that is fantastic.

The social media gurus that you follow/others must follow for curly haircare and tips?

Shameless Maya, Bianca Renee, Curly Penny, Jewellianna Palencia, Luhsetty, Sun Kiss Alba, Hi F3licia have great YouTube videos that every curly girl should check out. And if you’re Indian, don’t forget to check out Curls & Beauty Diary, Right Ringlets, Honest Liz and Curlacious. The curly hair community in India is growing rapidly and these girls have played a big part in it.

Any words for people still in the process of curl-love?

  1. Patience! It’s a process. So many of you will do the routine once or twice and expect miracles to happen. You gotta put in some time and effort, and follow a consistent routine for great results to show.
  2. You also need to stop comparing your curls to everyone around – there are so many textures, so try finding your curl twin & then trying their tips.
  3. Frizz is OKAY! It’s Normal! I have it too. Yes you can minimize it, but learn to live with all the facets of curly hair, not just it’s best.
  4. It’s JUST hair! It’s a part of you so don’t let that get bigger than yourself. Bad hair days (that everyone has) will be a lot easier to deal with henceforth.
  5. Last but not the least – share the knowledge. See a wavy/curly friend around you? Teach them what you learnt. You have no idea how much that person could end up appreciating that move.

There you go, some wise words from the curl-queen herself! I highly recommend all my curly-haired gang to go follow her this instant, and thank me later!

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