About Weird Brown Girl

About Weird Brown Girl:

Hello there and welcome to my realm. This page gives you a brief idea on what Weird Brown Girl is all about, so are you ready? Let’s go!

Who am I?

I’m Pooja, also known as Weird Brown Girl, and that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Why do I write?

I write to make people laugh, and then when they least expect it, make them think. But mostly laugh, because nothing makes me happier than watching people choke on their food, or spit out their water and start laughing while scaring the crowd around them.

What is Weird Brown Girl all about?

Weird Brown Girl is a website that happens to go beyond the cliched-ness of every single blogging website. WBG provides:

Real Talk: a no nonsense category with a take on current societal issues, and some sprinkle of positivity to get you through the day (both are mutually exclusive to each other)

Humour Me: which contains funny and witty posts to make you cackle like a hag!

Beautiful People: features on positive influencers, story-tellers, artists both online and off!

More categories to be up soon but till then, click on the link or scroll through the menu bar above to check the posts out!

How do you subscribe?

Feel free to browse around, read my posts, and watch yourself fall hopelessly in love with my work, and hand over your soul by subscribing. Your soul for my wisdom? Hey, it’s a good deal! Just shift your eyes to the Subscribe! button on the top-right, below the Author section!


If you have any queries regarding me, or my posts or anything questioning my sanity, or you want to extend the special hand of collaboration, you may:

  • leave a comment down below or on the particular post


  • drop a mail at: weirdbrowngirl@gmail.com

and I’ll make sure to reply as fast as I can!

Check out my Contact page to get in touch, or if you’re too lazy, here you go:

E-mail: weirdbrowngirl@gmail.com

Instagram: @thatwbg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weirdbrowngirl/

Twitter: @thatWBG

while you’re at it, check out My Art Shop for super cool products!

I tried keeping my awesome-ness short, and it’s caused me too much strain. No worries though.

Don’t forget to read, like and drop a comment! Make sure to share this blog to make someone’s day!


Weird Brown Girl.